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when will summer be here :[ x

Its beena while...

Its been ages since i posted something on here....

But i have some news, i think most of you know now but i got offered a full time job in a private Nursery in the city centre. I'll be the nursery leader/teacher or the pre school part. I'm really excited to start. I start offically on the 16th of March. At the moment i am finishing my supply work at a really nice school, which i'll be sad to leave and working at my notice at Asda. Its quite sad in a way, saying goodbye to nice people i have loved working with....

Anyway gotta das, speak soon xx

Dec. 25th, 2008

Merry Crimbles everyone!!! Have a wonderful day. Lots of love and huggles...Christmas Carol xxxx
Carol has lost the key ingredients to make her feel Carol-like....Can anyone remember what they are? Answers on a a postcard xxx

Jun. 17th, 2008

Its been like forever since i actually updated this and i really should make more of an effort to update it. I do read my friend list and always try to speak to everyone so i'm not THAT bad heehee.

Gosh anyway, in all fairness the last couple of weeks haven't been anything to rave about. Firstly my job at St Pauls ended. I knew it was only a temp job but i bloody loved it there. Everyone was so kind and funny and i clicked so much with some of the teachers. Leaving was so sad and I swear i cried so much that day. I finally felt at home you know, and nothing will ever quite compare. sob.

So my half term begins and on the Monday my phone decides to die, Tuesday my cat Busy passes away and Wed i discover that someone has hacked into my bank and been using it :( Still in the process of being resolved but hopefully i will get it all returned.

I'm so tired now....I'll update again 2moro xxx

May. 17th, 2008

Happy birthday Androoo. Sending you lots of love and hugs from Manchester. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


God i keep neglecting this dont i? Shame on me.

Well its been a rocky few months since i last updated but i can thankfully say that today has been prob one of the best days i've had in a very long time. I finally got myself some long term work in a school not that far from my house. I start Wed. Its def going to be up until May and possibly the summer term. Its just morning at the moment but that will increase soon when sats and other things crop up. I can not tell you how happy i am that i'm going to have some constant teaching work each week in the same school, with the same kids and going into a staffroom where i know everyone, well where i will know everyone in time. I'm so excited. I can not stop smiling and for once in my life i feel happy with who i am and now feel even more determined to get my own class on a perm basis. I start this wed.Its going to be amazing!!!

I've been feeling bit low over the last few weeks about the lack of teaching i've been doing and i just felt like a complete failure but when this came about i didnt tell anyone until i knew for sure. So after the meeting with the Head today i just wanted to tell the whole world hehe. Things are def on the up though, i can feel it :) I'm not leaving my part time job at the George shop just yet, going to work some evenings and weekends and holidays too. I do enjoy and the extra money will be welcomed.

So yes, besides that christmas and new year were fun. Caught up with people, worked far too much over it though and just had a nice time really. Lost a friend that i thought was someone who would be around forever. Just shows you doesnt it? Its a good job i've got better and more reliable friends who actually trust me isnt it? Its their loss anyway :)Went to friend's wedding two weekends ago. That was nice, bloody cold though.

Got a few gigs lined up too, Can't wait.
Can't think what else has been going on, apart from me going out for tea with my stupot all the time and eating far too much food :)

Anyway hope everyone is well. Miss you guys xxxx

Dec. 25th, 2007

Merry Crimbles to each and everyone one of you. Bless us all everyone :D

Have a magical day everyone. I'm off to get fat. Big hugs and kisses xxxxxx


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